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General Membership Minutes 11-07-20

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NOV. 07, 2020

Movie Night was great. What's the next film?

MINUTES FROM November 7th, 2020
Started 10:03 AM

16 in Attendance

Reading of the Minutes
- contacted Media Farmers Market to get ahold of a table for NAACP
- Reach out to schools and school districts in Media and surrounding areas about speaking in classes [in-person or zoom] about the youth council
- Committees were assigned
- Find events and things the council can participate in
- Find events and things someone from the council could speak in
- Attend the Women's Festival as volunteers [ more details to come]
- Sell cookies with help of Mimi

Secretary – Dallas Barber
- Varma Mitchell, NAACP Media Branch President, joined us for the movie night
- Suggests these things
o Create a newsletter that goes out to general membership from Press and Publicity
o 27 Black The Vote shirts with masks to be picked up form Ms. Varma either by Senta or Dr. Marinda, First
- Gweneth Goetz wishes to become the Health Chair while attending the movie night
Upon motion made by Miles Clark, and duly seconded by Miriam Pickett, it was voted to accept the Secretary Report.
Press and Publicity Committee Chair– Miles Clark
- Introduction posts are going to be posted by the end of next week
- November event calendar was created
o Executive Posts
o Fun holidays
o NAACP history
o Council recognition
o Meeting Reminders
o Event posts
- Anyone who has any information they wish to share, let Dallas, Miles or Sarah know
Upon motion made by Bianca Blake, and duly seconded by Katie Gephart-Hall, it was voted to accept the Press and Publicity Report.

Membership Committee Chair – Sarah Ahlgren
- Farmers Market event with Juliet last Sunday
o 2 people’s email’s
o 2 forms were taken
o Middle school teacher interested in sharing with their class
o Donations
o Anyone interested in helping at the table, contact Sarah for more details, arrive at the Media Farmer’s Market at 9:30 and it is until 1:30pm.
- Create posts to let people know we are the Media Farmer’s Market
Upon motion made by Lauren Block, and duly seconded by Bianca Blake, it was voted to accept the Membership Report.

Finance Committee Chair – Briona Morris
- 5 Donations from Halloween Event
o Raised over 100 dollars
Upon motion made by Sarah Morris, and duly seconded by Donna Levy, it was voted to accept the Finance Report.

Political Action Committee Chair – Lauren Block
- Juliet created deadline voting and mail-in ballots Instagram post
- Has researched information to boost LGBT people of color and hopes to create a public statement
Upon motion made by Miriam Picket, and duly seconded by Norah Martin, it was voted to accept the Political Action Report.

Community Coordination Committee Chair – Miriam Pickett
- Found communities we can work with
- Ideas for next year: to work with gardens and sell girl scout cookies,
- Will be checking emails soon
- Trying to communicate with track team for support
Upon motion made by Lauren Block, and duly seconded by Donna Levy, it was voted to accept the Community Coordination Report.

Entertainment Committee Chairs – Donna Levy & Norah Martin
- Nothing to Report

Education Chair – Bianca Blake
- A school district in the area, as well as the NAACP, made sure all art classes and classes has colors of the world crayons
o Social media post about this should be created. More sincere than colorful and fun.
Upon motion made by Miriam Pickett, and duly seconded by Senta Johnson, it was voted to accept the Education Report.

Youth Employment and Economic Empowerment Committee Chair – Soleil La’Jour Staggs
- India made a fair-trade month post but was never received.
- Created a PowerPoint to share
- Currently making a Tik Tok to post on the Instagram
Upon motion made by Lauren Block, and duly seconded by Miriam Pickett, it was voted to accept the Youth Employment and Economic Empowerment Report.

Juvenile Justice Committee Chair – Miriam Pickett
- Went to a virtual field trip
- Research being sent to Dallas about suggestion about Juvenile Justice
Upon motion made by Kate Gephart-Hall, and duly seconded by Bianca Blake, it was voted to accept the Juvenile Justice Report.

- Black Inventors

- Trivia and Treats
o Raised over 100 dollars
o Let’s try to get more non-members to participate
 Invite friends!
- Movie Night
o Three winners
o Discussed to make sure that people who are not registered in the council win prizes
- Women’s event
o Need to promote on the social media
o November 21st is the date

- Trivia fundraiser before and around Thanksgiving
- Create posts for Native American Heritage Month and around Thanksgiving
- Start reaching out to schools and school districts to have an online panel or share/promote to say the school is trying to promote a diverse environment
o Ask Senta, Donna, or Dallas to speak at any school panel
- Veteran’s Day Video
o Most likely will be President to create a video
- Create a new date post for meetings
o Have agreed to keep the same dates and
- College Themed Events
o Registration for $1 or $5 for all events?
 Idea to keep it free but open it to donations
o Chancellors and Presidents of colleges to talk about what they look for in students
o Current college students’ panel
o Professors panel
o It would be local colleges
o Create scholarships posts on social media and add to newsletter
 Youth Employment and Economic Employment and Education Committees are in charge of this
o TBA dates which would be probably in December
o Open to any suggestions and ideas
- Want to create our own award for members on the third membership meeting to increase membership
o Entertainment committee responsibility

NAACP History
Upon motion made by Senta Johnson, and duly seconded by Lauren Block, it was voted to adjourn the meeting at 11:13am.

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